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Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

The panting was much lighter today, thanks to the cooling temperatures. Curie's tongue never hung out as far as it did the last few times she has been out with the pack. Also, we walked along the Bear Creek Greenway Trail, where there is a bit more shade than over at CU South. We didn't encounter many other travelers during our outing. Sputnik made frequent stops to sniff around and leave scent marks. The rest of the pack were happy to sniff around whenever Sputnik made a stop, but didn't pull over themselves.

Variety Pack

Riley and Avo ran with Isaac while Isaac fetched his tennis ball at the park. Every now and then, Isaac would miss and run by the ball, and then either Riley or Avo would scoop it up behind him. Eventually, Avo settled on a ball of her own and spent most of her time chewing it. Zoey was busy sniffing around for the first part of our visit and then played some fetch as well, later on. Mamacita was in a playful mood. She hopped around with a dog who looked like a Dalmation mix, and then later had fun hopping and dodging with an un-neutered Shar Pei. While Riley spent a lot of her time running alongside Isaac, she also had a brief, playful exchange with Avo. They danced with each other for a moment, feeling one another out, though they didn't break out into any full-on wrestles or chases.

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