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Tuesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Yoda and Griff wandered off together to sniff in the brush as we hiked around CU South this morning. They were so wrapped up in following scents that they ignored me when I called for them to come back, so they went back on leash when I finally caught up to them. Sputnik and Racer drank lots of water each time we stopped for a little break along the way. A pack of black Labs passed by us at one point. Sputnik stayed calm and friendly like his packmates, when the Labs came over to sniff hello.

Variety Pack

Zoey chased a lot of tennis balls alongside Isaac at Valmont Dog Park today. A couple Huskies hung out with the pack for a little while. I was expecting Milo to play with them, but he didn't get as worked up as he usually does around Huskies. Rey and Isaac found a spot in the grass that they liked the smell of, and they wiggled around on their backs. Avo and Rey wrestled around for a while. They spent a lot of time leaning against each other until one of them made a move and then they both danced around. They didn't chew on each other's faces as much as usual. It was good to see them showing each other a little more respect when they played.

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