Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Mamacita enjoyed a good wiggle in some tall grass beside the Bear Creek Path this morning. Sputnik opted out this time around, and just stood by while Mamacita enjoyed herself. We didn't see any river snakes today but there was some rustling in a bush near the path, just as we passed by it. Probably a squirrel, but I couldn't see. Whatever it was, the dogs weren't interested.

Variety Pack

We had a new member join the pack today - Poppy! Poppy is a very sweet black Lab mix, who made fast friends with the other ladies who joined us for the afternoon. Zoey and Mamacita sniffed noses with her and then invited her to hop into the packmobile with them. When Rey joined us, she and Poppy immediately started giving each other excited kisses. Poppy and Dylan are already friends, and she gave him some kisses when he joined us as well. Dylan seemed a little less aloof today. Seeing Poppy cheered him up, and I think he is starting to grow more comfortable with his new packmates. He still hopped into my seat in the car once - when I got out to drop off another dog - but he didn't offer any resistance when I called him to rejoin the others in the back. The walk itself was very nice. We went around Wonderland Lake and the nearby area. Poppy and Rey had each other a bit worked up at first, but they eventually settled down and walked nicely like Zoey, Mamacita, and Dylan.