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Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Crickets were out in force at CU South this morning. They jumped all along the trail, clearing the way as the pack swept through. Amid the swarm of crickets and occasional grasshoppers, I noticed one praying mantis hop into flight just as Sputnik and Racer approached. Later on, as we made our way around the big loop, Griff paused to sniff at a striped caterpillar that was inching its way across the trail. Mamacita stuck to the trail today, and didn't wander into the grass for any wiggles. On the last leg of our outing, I saw another praying mantis fly by just in front of Sputnik and Racer.

Variety Pack

Zoey, Isaac, Riley, and Avo were all about chasing tennis balls at the Valmont Dog Park this afternoon. Zoey and Riley found a small mud pit in the grassy, northern end of the park, where there must be a leaky irrigation sprinkler. They both planted their front paws into the deep puddle, and got coated in dark mud up to their wrists. A dip in the kiddie pool at the south end of the park helped clean them up. Avo and Isaac stayed out of the mud, but thoroughly enjoyed splashing around in the kiddie pool together. Riley broke into an all-out sprint around the park a couple times, without any apparent prompt. Avo took notice of her on the tail end of one of her runs, and joined in for a short spurt. Avo also climbed up into the big tree again, as Riley watched with fascination.