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Friday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

There were still a lot of crickets and some grasshoppers on the trails at CU South, but I didn't catch glimpse of any praying mantises today. Mamacita again forewent any wiggling in the grass, but she did want to stop in the shade whenever we passed under a tree. Sputnik wanted to sniff and mark every tuft of grass along the way. Rucksack was in a strange mood at the beginning of the hike, and turned to head back to the parking lot in a way that reminded me of the one time last year when he ignored my calls and ran back to the car when we were hiking at the Chautauqua. He was on leash this time, and I eventually convinced him to come along. Once we got moving again, his anxiety seemed to pass as he trotted along by my side. Roger Roger was just happy to be out with the pack, as always.

Variety Pack

The pack headed to the Boulder Creek Path this afternoon. Zoey watched the ducks swim across the Kids' Fishing Pond as we walked by it this afternoon. A little while later, Poppy and Dylan jumped at the sight of a squirrel in a field beside the path. Zoey also watched the squirrel, but didn't jump to attention quite like the others. Dylan, Poppy, and Zoey all got their paws wet in Boulder Creek. The contact with water brought out Poppy's playful side, and she started leaping back and forth around Zoey, but Zoey was more interested in dipping her nose into the water than in dancing with he newest packmate.

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