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Tuesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

There were a lot of interesting smells in the tall grass beside the Bear Creek Path this morning. Griff, Racer, Sputnik, Mamacita, and Yoda all pulled over to sniff around together, several times along our way. After a few stops like that, the pack settled into a steady pace for the rest of the walk. Racer got very excited about a squirrel who ran up a tree by us, but her packmates didn't take notice.

Variety Pack

Milo and Avo were keen on taking breaks in the shade whenever we passed beneath a tree on our way around Wonderland Lake this afternoon. Each time, Avo lay down right on the trail without hesitation, while Milo was content to sit in place. Rey, Isaac, and Zoey were fine with hanging out and cooling off a bit; they just didn't insist on it the way their packmates did. Rey and Avo were feeling playful, and mouthed at each other's faces every now and then as they trotted side-by-side.

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