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Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

There was only one short stretch at CU South where crickets were hopping across the trail, and one hopped right onto Sputnik's snout, which caused him to curl his lip and shake his head around furiously. Racer, Griff, and Isaac went without any direct cricket encounters. Everyone but Griff was happy to take drinks from the CamelBak along the way.

Variety Pack

Avo quickly found a tennis ball with a hole in it at the Foothills Dog Park, and carried it with her for a while until she set and down and Isaac snatched it up. Isaac played fetch with it while Avo followed him around, waiting for him to leave it unattended for a moment so she could steal her prize back. I helped her out and got Isaac interested in another tennis ball. Meanwhile, Riley had fun racing after her own tennis ball. Zoey sniffed all around the park, and also chased a ball down every once in a while. Cooper was interested in greeting all the other dogs at the park. Riley and Zoey also peeled off to sniff hello with the other dogs here and there. Avo and Isaac were pretty focused on chasing balls, wiggling around in the grass, and following me around.

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