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Tuesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Racer kept by my side quite well today, while Yoda, Griff, and Sputnik wandered off-leash. Sputnik tried to tease Griff into a game of chase, but Griff preferred to sniff along at an easy pace. Yoda lingered behind to investigate points of interest more thoroughly than his packmates, and then trotted to catch up with the rest of us. A few dogs came right up among the pack to sniff hello. Sputnik generally kept his cool, but when one of the dogs turned his attention to him and started to sniff at him, he began to growl. The other dog took his time making pleasantries with the rest of the back before turning and heading off to catch up with his human.

Variety Pack

The pack were full of energy at the Valmont Dog Park this afternoon. Isaac selected a ball with a split along the seam, when he prepared to get to fetching. As a result, Avo ended up snatching the ball up and chewing it for a while each time Isaac brought it back and dropped it by me. Rey's new Pit Bull friend Tulula Blue was at the park again today, and the two of them wrestled around for a good, long while. Isaac joined in some of their chases when Rey was playing Rabbit. Milo took an interest in Tulula Blue and got in on the wrestling here and there. Meanwhile, Zoey was showing off her tennis ball to Tulula Blue's mom, but only handing it over occasionally. Mamacita sniffed around Avo's climbing tree - which Avo left unscaled today - and then spent a while sniffing all around the old tree stump. after Tulula Blue left, Avo and Rey played for a bit, while Zoey and Isaac fetched. Rey went after one of my throws to Isaac, and the two of them collided with some force, but both seemed to be alright afterward.

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