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Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Curie took an interest in Mamacita's wiggling today. She watched with curiosity at first, then hopped over to paw and nose at Mamacita, which caused Mamacita to spring into an upright position. Ruffers and Sputnik have been around Mamacita for long enough that they take her wiggles-in-the-grass in stride, without paying her any particular attention.

Variety Pack

Dylan played lead investigator of the scent detectives as the pack made their way along Boulder Creek this afternoon. Roger Roger and Poppy were always quick to follow up on whatever leads Dylan found. Zoey, Isaac, and Rey were less committed to the cause, and only joined in the sniffing a couple times. After a little while, Dylan was satisfied with the scents he had found and the story they told, and he stopped pulling over to pursue them. We passed a squirrel on the low branch of a nearby tree, and Rey was the only pack member to take notice of it. She walked a few steps on her hind legs, hoping that she could stretch enough to reach it, while the rest of the pack trotted along, oblivious or simply disinterested. We stopped at the grassy park in front of the library on the return leg of our trip. I got the pack to sit for a photo, but Poppy could only hold back for so long before she broke form and came to cuddle up to me. While I pet Poppy, Isaac cuddled up to Dylan by lying back-to-back with him. When Dylan didn't seem to mind, Isaac decided to get up and lie paw-to-paw while looking out over the park with his new buddy. Meanwhile, Rey was distracted by smells and kept trying to wander off in pursuit of them. Zoey and Roger Roger were happy just hanging out. Isaac then rolled onto his back in front of Dylan, and start wiggling around in the grass and kicking his legs. At that point, Dylan scolded Isaac with a grumble that seemed to say, "Hey! Watch where you're kicking!" Then, we all got up and continued on our way back to Eben G. Fine Park and the packmobile.

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