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Friday Pack Activities

Boarding Pack

Racer, Rey, Milo, and Griff enjoyed a walk to Wonderland Lake together this morning. Rey jumped at squirrels. The others stayed pretty mellow. Racer walked surprisingly well, hardly pulling at all. Milo and Griff were both very good on-leash walkers, as they typically are.

Adventure Pack

Mamacita, Roger Roger, and Sputnik kept up a steady pace along the Bear Creek Path. Sputnik didn't make many stops to leave scent marks. Mamacita only pulled over once, and didn't even wiggle in the grass. Roger Roger kept on pace as he always does. As a result, we made it past the park where we usually turn around. We headed down some distance beside Foothills Parkway before finally heading back.

Variety Pack

The pack headed to the Boulder Creek Path for our walk this afternoon. Dylan started off by marking several spots, and then sniffing at some other spots to see what the news was. Poppy was very curious to check out areas Dylan had found to be worth attention. Ruffers and Zoey weren't quite on the same page, but they did follow up with their packmates' finds once or twice. As we continued along the creek, Ruffers and Poppy were very distracted by the squirrels and dogs we saw along the way. As we crossed over the big bridge at the far side of the park in front of the library, I realized there are four rows of metal grates that span the width of the bridge. I realized this because Dylan leaped over the first row as we came to it, just like he does with manhole covers. Oddly enough, he walked right over the second row without skipping a step. Then he leaped over the third row, and walked over the fourth. I'm not sure what the logic to his pattern was. Maybe he was so preoccupied with the grates he jumped, that he didn't even realize he was walking on the grates that followed. Meanwhile, Poppy and Ruffers were walking a bit better by that point, and Zoey was following along nicely.

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