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Friday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Rucksack rejoined the pack for our hike at CU South this morning. Ruby also joined for the day, while she is boarding with us. Our regulars, Mamacita and Sputnik, rounded out the pack. The wind was blowing pretty hard throughout our excursion. Rucksack was keeping up alright, but by the time we reached the far end of the loop, he turned and wanted to head back the way we came. Still, our trusty old hiker was very happy to have joined his friends. He had been eager to come along with his brother Roger Roger all week.

Variety Pack

The wind was still blowing when we first set out around Wonderland Lake this afternoon. Poppy is getting easier to manage on the leash. She was eager to get going at first, but settled into the pace pretty early on and walked on a mostly loose leash for the rest of the time. Zoey brought up the rear, behind her. Dylan and Ruffers trotted along at my other side, each pulling ahead a little bit from time to time but falling back into place with minimal effort required. Poppy played the role of lead sniffer today, with Dylan swiftly following up on her finds. Zoey and Ruffers only joined in one foray into olfactory acquisitions, and left their packmates to it each of the other times Poppy was drawn into the brush. We stopped at Wonderland Park to hang out for a minute and just enjoy the afternoon, as the wind had settled down and the air was just the right temperature. Dylan took the opportunity to wiggle around in the grass. The others gathered around me for pets, which Dylan also did once he was done acting silly.

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