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Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Sputnik and Ruffers made play-bows back and forth, and pawed at each other's shoulders while the pack had made a stop to sniff a tree beside the Bear Creek Path this morning. Curie saw her packmates' frolicking, and offered a couple playful little hops of her own to the mix. Later on in the walk, Mamacita chose a spot to wiggle in the grass immediately adjacent to the path, and ended up halfway on each as she squirmed back and forth with abandon.

Variety Pack

Cooper and Dylan were sure not to let any of each other's scent marks go without adding their own two cents to the scents. Poppy, Zoey, Rey, and Roger Roger checked out many of the same spots, but rarely felt compelled to to leave their own, "I was here," message. Rey and Poppy jockeyed for position for much of the walk - each trying to get ahead of the other - but they kept their contest relatively subtle, as they didn't pull that hard to get ahead. The one exception was when they saw a squirrel beside the trail, a short distance ahead. Rey got especially worked up over it, and stood up on her hind legs for a few seconds as she watched it run up the wood siding of a nearby building. Roger Roger and Zoey were even the dutiful companions, bringing up the rear of the pack and only breaking formation whenever we all pulled over to the side of the trail to sniff something out or get some pets.

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