Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Racer and Curie were really loving the snow in the park this morning. Racer kept sticking her head under like an ostrich. Curie caught lots of snowballs. Sputnik and Curie play-bowed and boxed with each other in the snow. Griff didn't seem as enthused about the snow as his packmates, but he wandered into the snowy brush to leave scent marks every now and then.

Variety Pack

Isaac, Zoey, Avo, and Riley all chased after tennis balls at the beginning of our visit to the Valmont Dog Park this afternoon. After some of that, Riley turned her attention to stalking other dogs in the manner that cattle dogs like to do, then running up to them to say hello. Avo, Isaac, and Zoey all continued to fetch and exchange a series of tennis balls as we made our way around the park. We hung out at the south end of the park for a while, where there was still snow in the shade of the big trees. Avo, Zoey, and Riley all caught snowballs that I threw for them, while Isaac kept up with his tennis ball. Zoey had a burst of giddy energy and zoomed around while Isaac and Riley chased after her. Later on, Avo and Riley negotiated ball privileges with a ball that Avo had been chewing on for a while. Eventually, Riley came away with the ball and then they both came over to me and got some pets.