Monday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Sputnik and Roger Roger had a blast chasing each other through the snow at CU South this morning. Mamacita reared back and leaped forward repeatedly, to show her enthusiasm about her packmates playing in the snow, and her desire to join them in their romp. Unfortunately, Mamacita has proven unreliable off-leash, so she was stuck with me.

Variety Pack

The pack's walk at Bear Creek was pretty mellow until we pulled over into a snow-covered park along the way. Riley and Rey were quick to start making play moves with each other. They bowed, leaped, and dodged all around, kicking up snow as they went. Ruffers and Zoey soon joined in the fray, adding their own moves to the mix. Zoey liked jumping in between Ruffers and Riley, and then spinning around in place. Not to be left out, Isaac darted in to woof and poke at Zoey. Riley and Rey took a little while to calm down after that, and tried to start things back up after we were walking on the path again. They required a few interruptions, but then returned to a more orderly demeanor as we made our way back to the packmobile.