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Tuesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Racer and Griff sprinted up and down the trail together at CU South this morning. Racer doesn't get to go off leash very often because she tends to take off and not come back for a while. The trails were nearly empty today, and the snow was just asking to be romped in, so I let her go wild. Sputnik joined Griff and Racer off-leash for a little while as well, until we started approaching some other canine trail-goers. All three of them had a lot of fun chasing each other, and just bounding through the snow.

Variety Pack

The park was empty when the pack arrived this afternoon. Rey, Avo, Zoey, Milo, and Mamacita all had fun running around the park with me. Zoey managed to uncover a tennis ball, and carried it with her for most of the visit. Rey found a piece of another ball and flaunted it while Avo and Zoey both chased her. Avo played rabbit while Milo and Rey chased after her. There were a couple times when Avo wanted to stop and catch her breath, but the other two weren't letting up, so I had to interrupt them in order to get them to give Avo a little space. Mamacita joined in the pack run when I led everyone from one end of the park to the other, but she didn't go out of her way to mix things up with her packmates. She generally ran ahead, and then went off to sniff around on her own. Zoey kept digging in the snow to get to the ground beneath. Avo watched her packmate with interest, and then would sniff around the area after Zoey was done.

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