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Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Ruffers and Sputnik danced and dodged around with each other in the snow at CU South this morning. Ruffers mostly stood her ground while Sputnik made passes. Ruffers would rebuff him and then turn to prepare for his next charge. A few times, Sputnik dropped into play-bows to invite Ruffers to come at him, and she responded with conservative hops and boxing paws. Curie and Mamacita watched the play unfold between their packmates, and leapt around in place with enthusiasm.

Variety Pack

Rey, Poppy, and Dylan started off our walk along the Boulder Creek Path in a pretty excited state, with everyone pulling in different directions to sniff in the snow. When everyone had finally settled into a steady pace, a lively, young Husky approached from the path ahead. I drew the pack off the path and into the snowy field beside it, to create a little distance in order to try to keep everyone calm; however, Dylan still barked, and Rey and Poppy jumped around. Poppy managed to slip her collar and then ran over to sniff the Husky, who was happy to say hello in turn. When the Husky continued on, Poppy stayed nearby, but Rey kept trying to pounce on her when she came back, so Poppy kept running away. It became a game between them until I was able to get Rey to lie down and stay still. After that - and after taking Poppy's collar in a bit - we walked at a measured pace on short leashes, to work on keeping everyone together and in place at my side. We passed the Husky again on the return leg of our walk. Dylan barked again, but Rey and Poppy stayed seated (but still bristling) in front of me. It looks like we have some more work to do on manners during leashed walks.

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