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Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Racer ate a lot of snow as we made our way around CU South this morning. We took a slow pace as I focused on keeping the pack calm and orderly, after the excitement of yesterday afternoon. Aside from Racer pulling off to the side to munch on snow, everyone did very well. When we passed other dogs, Racer and Griff sniffed hello with them while Curie and Sputnik stayed relaxed at my other side. Curie got excited a couple times along the way and hopped in place. Sputnik gave her kisses when we stopped for a photo. Griff was chill and easy throughout.

Variety Pack

Riley and Avo were not on board with the calm and orderly vibe today. While Isaac, Mamacita, and Zoey trotted along in place with hardly any direction required, Riley and Avo were determined to turn our walk along Bear Creek into a chaotic play session. Riley wanted to pull ahead, while Avo wanted to pull off to the side. Avo enjoyed eating lots of snow from the banks beside the path. Whenever we paused, the pair of them started jumping all over each other. At one point, Zoey briefly joined in; but she was quick to settle down when I addressed her. Riley eventually gave up on trying to stir up a wrestling match, but Avo wasn't satisfied and I had to take some care to avoid letting her slip out of her harness when she made her intentions clear. Thankfully, the rest of the pack were calm as they waited for me to get Avo back on the same page.

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