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Tuesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Racer munched on snow throughout our hike at Shanahan Ridge this morning. Sputnik still wanted to sniff and leave his mark in lots of places, though not as many as yesterday. Griff, Yoda, and Racer all joined in the sniffing as well, so we lingered at a lot of stops along the way.

Variety Pack

The pack headed first to the grassy, north end of the Valmont Dog Park when we arrived this afternoon. Rey and Zoey sniffed around at the fence line for a while. Mamacita and Avo wandered, more aimlessly. Isaac, of course, started fetching tennis balls immediately. Rey and Avo played with each other on and off during our park visit, but never got too rambunctious. Later on, Isaac enjoyed wallowing in the mud and the melting snow at the south end of the park. After Zoey had sniffed around for a while, she turned her attention to tennis balls. She tore a couple up before I confiscated them, and then we played some fetch with a ball that was intact. Avo chased after a few balls as well, but really enjoyed pawing at Isaac's after he dropped them by me. Mamacita wandered on her own and sniffed hello with various dogs and humans. Avo and Rey hopped onto a bench to greet a person who was seated there, and the man laughed at their presumptuous conviviality.

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