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Friday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Mamacita set a very casual pace for the pack this morning. Sputnik and Roger Roger were happy to sniff around alongside her. Mamacita went for a good, long wiggle in the grass, with a pause in the middle, during which time she just lay out. Later on, it became apparent why Mamacita was so lazy. She apparently had an upset stomach, as she ate some grass and vomited.

Variety Pack

Poppy, Dylan, Ruffers, and Zoey enjoyed walking the Boulder Creek Path this afternoon. The kids' fishing pond had a large flock of geese and a smaller group of ducks hanging out at it. This caught the pack's attention - Ruffers and Poppy most of all. They both perked up at the sight, and Ruffers kept turning to watch them over her shoulder after we passed. Dylan also took note of the water fowl, but wasn't as fixated on them as Ruffers and Poppy. Zoey didn't seem to take particular note. We had a pretty pleasant walk on a beautiful afternoon. We encountered a few dogs along the way. Ruffers and Poppy both clearly wanted to run over and greet them, but didn't fuss too much when we went by.

Boarding Pack

Cooper, Sputnik, Rucksack, and Roger Roger enjoyed a walk to Wonderland Lake as the sun was setting early this evening. Cooper made a fair amount of stops to sniff around, and Roger Roger often joined him. I was surprised that Sputnik didn't make a point to mark over all of Cooper's scent marks along the way. Rucksack isn't up for the pack hikes in the mountains anymore, but he enjoyed getting out with his buddies for an evening jaunt. As we approached the house on our return, we came face-to-face with a large buck who was standing at the edge of a neighbor's lawn. Cooper started pulling. Rucksack, Roger Roger, and Sputnik all stayed in pace with me. Sputnik usually watches wildlife without reacting, so that wasn't surprising. Rucksack and Roger Roger, on the other hand, have been known to chase deer when they have the opportunity. I suspect that the low, post-sunset light, combined with the fur they have hanging in front of their eyes, had something to do with the lack of reaction.

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