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Monday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Mamacita was back to her normal self for today's hike, so we kept a moderate pace. She found a couple spots that were worthy of a wiggle, and she indulged with abandon. Sputnik was particularly drawn to trees today, and left his mark on many of them. Ruffers brought up the rear, as she usually does, and Roger Roger lingered with her. The two of them made playful moves with each other now and then. At one point, Ruffers wandered off the side of the trail with an air of purpose, and ignored my calls for her to get back on track and catch up. When I doubled back to round her up, I found that her obstinacy was due to her discovery of the carcass of some small animal, which she was in the process of devouring. I got her to drop it, but not before she swallowed some. And then, Mamacita dove on what Ruffers dropped and gobbled it down in a heartbeat, before I had a chance to pry it from her. I hope neither suffers any ailments as a result of their gluttonous indulgence.

Variety Pack

Zoey, Cooper, Riley, and Sputnik headed to the Boulder Creek Path for a pleasant afternoon walk. The geese at the kids' fishing pond were busy crossing back and forth over the path, so we went far off through the grass to avoid any altercations with them, and I kept the pack on short leashes so as not to let them search for any goose droppings to nibble on. The geese didn't attract too much attention from the pack, nor vice versa; however, the squirrels we passed soon afterward got Riley quite riled up. Oftentimes, the dogs will lose interest in the squirrels we pass, once they have escaped up a tree. Riley kept on the alert, staring up into the branches as we passed under them. The rest of the walk was pretty low-key. The pack lounged briefly at Central Park, and walked along the path together nicely.

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