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Tuesday Pack Activities

Boarding Pack

Cooper, Yoda, and Isaac headed to Wonderland Lake together this morning. We didn't make a lot of stops, but whenever we did all three of them took advantage of the opportunity to sniff around.

Adventure Pack

Sputnik, Curie, Griff, and Racer enjoyed hiking Shanahan Ridge this morning. In addition to several dogs, we saw a pair of horses on the trail. We headed off to the side of the path and the pack watched with interest as the horses went by. Curie, Griff, and Sputnik moved on pretty quickly, but Racer kept turning to look back as the horses and their riders went off into the distance.

Variety Pack

Isaac, Avo, and Zoey were all entertained by tennis balls for most of their park visit this afternoon. Meanwhile, Yoda was busy sniffing around the perimeter of the park and occasionally greeting other dogs. Rey and Milo were more focused on making new friends. Rey got one dog to chase her around, and Isaac joined in the pursuit. Sometimes he was on Rey's trail, and other times he intercepted the other dog by cutting in between them and herding the other dog away. Milo found plenty of Huskies with whom to dance and wrestle. Avo found a broken frisbee and carried it around like a valuable prize. She further broke it up into more pieces, and rolled around on top of it to make sure everyone knew it was hers. Zoey dug a hole and placed her ball in it.

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