Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Sputnik and Curie had a lot of kisses for each other when they greeted in the packmobile this morning. Mamacita wiggled in the grass again at Shanahan Ridge. We didn't have any equine sightings today, and Ruffers stayed on the leash so she couldn't track down any more carcasses to devour.

Variety Pack

Rey, Dylan, and Poppy were very eager to get to the first tree in sight when we began our walk at the Bear Creek Path this afternoon. Zoey, Isaac, and Roger Roger weren't as insistent as their packmates, but were still happy to have a sniff along with them. We encountered a herd of deer in an adjacent field, which caused Rey and Poppy to leap to attention. There was a light sprinkling of rain, which gradually soaked the dogs more and more over the course of our walk. They seemed unperturbed for the most part, with the exception of Rey, who developed a distinctly forlorn look and started to shiver a bit during the last stretch.