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Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

The ascent at the Cragmoor Connector to Shanahan Ridge was blanketed in a thin layer of ice this morning. We took our time and moved off the trail to some of the snowier spots when the footing was really bad. Griff, Racer, and Sputnik wanted to pull over to sniff around at various points along the way. Once we made it up, the trail was clear and much easier to navigate. Curie and Sputnik got a bit worked up over an off leash dog who approached the pack and sniffed hello with Griff and Racer. It was Curie's last day with the pack before she moves away, and Sputnik gave her kisses goodbye in the packmobile after the hike.

Variety Pack

Rey, Avo, Riley, Isaac, Zoey, and Cooper headed to Wonderland Lake this afternoon. It was mostly a quiet stroll, with few people out in the cold, snowy weather. We did see a couple Huskies walking in the distance at one point; and at another point, we passed by a fenced yard with an excited Chihuahua who got quite a reaction out of Rey, Riley, and Avo. Avo also had a few words for the rumbling school bus and garbage truck that passed by us later on. Cooper was the lead sniffer today. The rest of the pack - save for Rey - were all very interested in checking out the spots he found. Rey didn't particularly care about the scents that intrigued her packmates. Zoey and Isaac both left their marks over Coopers about half the time.