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Friday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Dylan joined for his first mountain hike with the pack today. He and Roger Roger had a blast racing each other up and down the trail. I brought Mamacita and Sputnik over to sniff interesting spots that their off leash packmates had scouted. Dylan liked to scout the trail ahead and then wait for us to catch most of the way up before going on ahead again. He always came back to the pack when I called him, though he sometimes had to stand in the middle of the trail and think about it for a good long while.

Variety Pack

Cooper, Poppy, Zoey, and Ruffers enjoyed a pleasant walk along the Boulder Creek Path this afternoon. We passed a couple other dogs along the way and although Poppy got excited, she didn't jump around and make a scene like she had been doing before. Zoey was totally chill. Cooper and Ruffers perked up at the sight of other dogs, but stayed on track. When we took a rest at Eben G. Fine Park near the end of our walk, Ruffers and Poppy play-bowed and hopped around with each other. Zoey jumped into the mix and spun around in between them. When Cooper started barking at the commotion his packmates were causing, I reined everyone in and we walked the last stretch back to the packmobile.

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