Monday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Roger Roger and Ruffers started off the hike with lots of dodging and wrestling, enjoying their off-leash time together. Sputnik and Mamacita sniffed along the edge of the trail and found a couple trees that were of particular interest. Later on, we passed through a wide open stretch of trail where I was able to let Sputnik off leash to play with Ruffers. The play didn't last all that long, because Sputnik kept bulldozing over Ruffers and she gave up on trying to make play moves with him.

Variety Pack

Rey, Avo, Riley, Zoey, and Cooper walked the Boulder Creek Path together this afternoon. Everyone wanted to climb over the snow mounds beside the path through Eben G. Fine Park. They were especially interested when there was upturned soil mixed in with the plowed snow. We encountered a couple dogs along the way who got Cooper and Avo barking, and Rey and Riley jumping around. Zoey didn't get what all the hubbub was about, and stood by calmly while her packmates expressed their excitement and eventually regathered themselves. The latter part of the walk went more smoothly, with everybody walking in place nicely together and no more dog encounters. The pack perked up a bit at the sight of the geese by the kids' fishing pond, but stayed on course.