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Tuesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

The wind was blowing as the pack hiked the southern loop at Shanahan Ridge this morning. There was one stretch where a hill broke the wind and gave us some tranquility, and we were able to enjoy the warm, sunny weather. We saw a few other hikers out, but not many. Racer trod through the deeper snow beside the trail most of the time. Yoda, Sputnik, and Griff kept to the packed-down snow with me, except when they wanted to sniff around at a particular tree or shrub.

Variety Pack

Isaac had a hard time tracking tennis balls in the snow today, so we cycled through a lot of different ones. Sometimes Avo or Zoey was there to snatch one up when Isaac lost it. Zoey and Rey both were very excited to chomp at snowballs that I threw to them, and dodge all around in anticipation of the next one to come. Milo branched out from his usual Husky obsession, and made friends with a German Shepherd today. He and Isaac both had some fun flopping around in the snow. When Avo saw that we were heading to the gate to leave, she hatched a plan to stretch out our park visit. She got Rey and Zoey's attentions and then played rabbit as they chased her all across the park. After running for a bit, the three of them wrestled around before finally heading back to me, Isaac, and Milo near the gate.