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Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Dylan and Ruffers had a great time sniffing their ways around as they wandered off-leash together at Shanahan Ridge. When either of them got ahead of the pack and I called them back, they would bound through the snow with zeal and race by us, then turn and run back again. Sputnik and Mamacita stayed on leash with me, and sniffed at spots beside the trail. As the hike continued, Dylan and Ruffers started lagging behind rather than getting ahead. Mamacita found a dry patch of grass where the snow had already melted, and she enjoyed a good wiggle in it.

Variety Pack

Clover, Monarch, Cooper, Roger Roger, Rey, Poppy, and Zoey headed to the trail loop at CU South this afternoon. At the outset, Cooper, Poppy, and Monarch did a lot of sniffing beside the trail, and the pack made several stops so they could get their fill of the scents that were calling to them. Later on, Rey, Roger Roger, and Zoey raced around through the brush with a couple other dogs who were out with another dog walker, Jacqui. Clover couldn't keep up with the younger dogs' energetic sprints, so she hung out on the trail with me, Cooper, Poppy, and Monarch, even though she was off leash. There were plenty of other friends to greet, who weren't part of the races. We encountered several other dogs as we continued around the loop, and everyone made friendly greetings as we passed.

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