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Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

There were very few hikers out this morning; however, there was one person lying in a hammock set up beside the Bluebell-Mesa Trail, overlooking Bluebell Road below. This struck Dylan as out of place, and he barked an alarm until I caught up to him and sent him along. The hammock occupant thankfully seemed to find Dylan's mistrust amusing. The snow on the trail is packed down pretty well now, so Roger Roger didn't have to pick snowballs out from his paws like he has on his last couple pack hikes. Mamacita was a bit impatient today, and started pulling ahead during the latter half of the hike, which is pretty out of character for her. Sputnik wanted to stop and sniff at every patch of yellow snow that we passed. I usually don't have such an obvious visual cue as to what is drawing his attention when he veers off course, nose-first.

Variety Pack

Rey kept heading off to the snow beside the trail as she and Zoey walked around Wonderland Lake together this afternoon. Zoey kept a steady pace at my side, as she typically does. For a while, Rey wanted to catch up to a little pup who was some distance ahead of us on our route, but she eventually accepted that it was not meant to be.

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