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Monday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Ruffers and Sputnik took their time trekking along the Baseline Trail and up Gregory Canyon. We paused a lot in shaded spots for short water breaks, to let other hikers pass by, or because the pair of them wanted to sniff around in the tall grass beside the trail.

Variety Pack

Poppy has joined the Monday Variety Pack, and made the most of her time. She, Sputnik, Rey, and Zoey sniffed around numerous tree trunks and waded through tall grass as we walked the Bear Creek Path this afternoon. When we stopped to hang out in the shade of a tree beside the path, Poppy wiggled around in the grass while her packmates just lounged and panted. Rey, Zoey, and Sputnik were all eager to get water, but Poppy refused the first few times I offered it. Eventually, I tucked the spout under her lip to give her a bit, like I often have to do with Mamacita. She accepted a small amount of water before turning away. Sputnik was quick to nose in on the stream and get some more.

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