Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

The pack took a very slow pace on the trails this morning. Avo and Sputnik were especially distracted by the smells along the way. They kept wanting to head off of the trail to wade through the tall grass, or sniff their way down little footpaths. Griff and Racer weren't the ones initiating the detours, but they seemed happy enough to follow their packmates rather than move along the trail.

Variety Pack

Mamacita, Zoey, Riley, and Avo all sniffed around a lot at the beginning of our afternoon walk at the Bear Creek Path. Before long, though, we got moving on the path with very few pauses. Mamacita needed a little encouragement now and then, to keep moving. Avo veered off to the grass beside the trail occasionally, but kept up the forward momentum much more than she had done this morning. We did take one break under the shade of some trees. We travel the path often enough that the whole pack anticipates our shade break in that particular spot, and everyone starts to pull toward the trees a bit as we approach.