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Friday Pack Activities (10/6/2023)

Adventure Pack

Nelly stopped once along Baseline Trail today and reared back, but I used the trick we learned last week and brought the pack around behind her, and then she was instantly ok with continuing on again. Dylan wasn't panting much and had no trouble navigating the trail, which was great to see after he had been slowing down a bit in the past couple weeks. Lou was a great hiker, sticking right at my side and just initiating a couple stops to sniff around. At one point during our descent, Yoshi became distracted in the way he usually does when he notices another dog coming up behind us. I checked, but there were just a couple human hikers, so I wonder what had him worked up.

Variety Pack

Yoshi, Lumi and Carl all took notice of a squirrel that ran up a tree in Martin Park at the beginning of our afternoon walk. Lumi pulled the hardest to approach the tree, but Yoshi and Carl were definitely quite worked up about it, too. Zoey and Ruffers either didn't notice or didn't care about the squirrel; I'm guessing the former for Ruffers, because she is usually pretty keen on pursuing rodents. Zoey is pretty chill all around (unless there are people in Boulder Creek) so she might have noticed and just not have thought it worth a reaction. When we started the return leg of our walk, Yoshi dove on Lumi and the two of them started wrestling around. It took a moment to get them to settle and then to return to walking - this time with them held at either side so they couldn't so easily get in each other's faces. It's interesting how it seems like the turnaround point of a walk very often triggers that playful break in various pack members.


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