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Friday Pack Activities

I accidentally deleted today's photos off my phone instead of transferring them. Sorry!

Adventure Pack

Dylan had a fun time rolling in the snow at various points along our hike, allowing me and Milo to catch up to him. Meanwhile, Griff scouted ahead of Dylan and bounded up and down the trail. Milo tried to get Dylan to play with him when he had a turn off leash a little later on. Milo woofed and bowed and bumped into Dylan, but Dylan didn't take the bait.

Variety Pack

Lou, Ruffers, Zoey, Carl, Milo and Griff walked the Boulder Creek Path together this afternoon. The path was mostly cleared of snow, but there were still quite a few patches of only-partly-melted ice scattered along the way. When we were walking the stretch of sidewalk in front of the library, on the south side of the creek, a flock of six geese decided to step into the path and lead us, only about 20 feet ahead. The dogs all stayed calm and walked in place at my sides as I slowed down to the pace of the geese. It was about 20 yards or so before the geese hopped off the sidewalk and headed toward the creek.


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