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Friday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

The snow is quickly melting away, but Dylan still found a patch where he could have a good wiggle on his back. He, Milo and Sanni were all excited to greet the other dogs we saw. Sanni was the most excited, and it took some effort to keep her from dragging me along to go up and sniff hello rather than allowing them to approach - she's a strong girl!

Variety Pack

Rey and Sanni sniffed in the grass and snow beside the Goose Creek Greenway while Milo, Ruffers and Lou trotted along in formation. Rey and Sanni both got worked up and pulled pretty hard when one dog passed by us. Milo was a bit worked up, too, but Ruffers and Lou stayed calm. A few different people we passed made comments about what a big pack they were, and how nice they all looked.

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