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Friday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Griff and Dylan explored the trail at Shanahan Ridge, mostly independently of each other, while Roger Roger and Sputnik were on leash with me. Every now and then, they all found a spot they wanted to sniff together. At one point, Griff sniffed a particular area for a long time. Dylan went over to check it out, and immediately shouldered down and started wiggling in the grass. I hurried over and called Dylan to get back up, expecting that they had found some animal scat or a small carcass. Thankfully, whatever they found, that smelled so compelling, made no visible mess. Later on, Sputnik and Roger Roger went around shoulder-to-shoulder as they sniffed all the same spots while they were off leash together.

Variety Pack

Lou, Gidget, Blu, and Ruffers enjoyed their walk around Wonderland Lake, as the air started to get a bit chilly this afternoon. When we first set out, Ruffers and Gidget were especially interested in each other, while Lou and Blu were likewise wrapped up in sniffing each other. The walk itself was very pleasant, as everybody kept pace and stayed nicely in formation. We hung out in the grass at Wonderland Lake Park for a bit, on the return leg of our trip. Lou kept coming over to get pets; Blu mostly sniffed around; Gidget and Ruffers alternated between staring at passers-by and making playful moves with each other.


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