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Friday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

It was a beautiful day for hiking! Lou, Dylan, Yoshi and Nelly headed to Gregory Canyon from the Chautauqua, with a stop at the creek the crosses the start of the Saddle Rock Trail. Dylan led the pack into the water, with Yoshi and Lou happily following. Nelly hung out on dry land while the others got soaked. She approached the water's edge a couple times but then backed off whenever Yoshi came splashing through. Navigating the rocky stretches was a bit tough with Yoshi scrambling around, threatening to trip me up with every errant motion. Nelly handled those sections with ease. Dylan and Lou moved a little slower and took some care in choosing the right path. When we reached the stream further up, it was much the same as earlier except that Dylan didn't linger in the water very long, and I held Yoshi on a short leash for a bit so Nelly could approach and take a drink without being scared off by the splashing pup.

Variety Pack

We waited for the thunderstorm to pass by before Griff, Zoey, Carl, Lou, Yoshi and Avo headed out for a walk along the Bear Creek Greenway. Everybody was very interested in sniffing around the trunk of the first big tree we encountered near the Martin Park parking lot, and then they continued to follow their noses along different scent trails through the grass. We eventually settled into a pretty steady pace, though Carl and Yoshi tended to pull ahead while Zoey and Lou dragged behind a bit. We were careful to give passing dogs a very wide berth so Yoshi wouldn't get too worked up and in turn set off Avo, who has gradually grown less and less reactive to unfamiliar dogs (but still gets an attitude once in a while). The pack put their noses to work again when we reached the mile marker boulder by the basketball courts, where we also make a sniff stop.


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