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Friday Pack Activities (12/8/2023)

Adventure Pack

Nelly, Yoshi, Lou and Dylan hiked up Chautauqua Trail and over to Enchanted Mesa today. Yesterday's wind brought in chillier weather than we had earlier in the week, and the trails were less busy as a result. We saw only a few other dogs during our hike, including a Husky who ran by to see what we were about before turning and heading back up the trail to rejoin his person. He observed us from a short distance, without approaching to sniff. Yoshi got a bit excited when other dogs went by but his pulling has become milder and milder over time. Nelly, Lou and Dylan all minded their manners well. We enjoyed a pretty steady pace throughout the hike.

Variety Pack

At the house before our walk Lumi and Milo hovered around each other, with Milo using his nose to poke at Lumi's shoulder every so often. Lumi and Yoshi wrestled around a bit and chewed on each other's faces. Carl observed from Jen's lap while Griff, Ruffers and Lou just hung out. We headed to Goose Creek Greenway for our pack walk. The cold weather had driven the prairie dogs underground, so there was no chirping as we passed through their field. Everyone walked together quite nicely. We got a little tangled up when everyone would stop to sniff around, but the dogs were pretty cooperative about finding their spots again when we got pack to walking - Griff and Yoshi on the outer flanks, Lumi and Milo in the middles, and Carl and Ruffers closest to my sides and following a step behind me.


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