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Friday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

I snapped a shot of Dylan wild-eyed after popping up from a vigorous wiggle in the snow. He and Roger Roger then raced each other up the trail. Roger Roger ran back over to me, Sputnik, and Racer to spread the enthusiasm around. Racer responded with play-bows and hops. Sputnik and Roger Roger did a little bit of play-wrestling. It was a much nicer time out than yesterday's hike.

Variety Pack

After yesterday's hike, it seems something must be in the air, because Lou and Avo got into a tiff right off the bat at the beginning of our walk this afternoon. It hadn't occurred to me that the two of them had never met yet, so I wasn't as careful as I usually am when introducing pack members for the first time. I broke things up quickly and thankfully the damage was minimal - a scratch on my hand, a scratch on Lou's head and a few small spots on her snout, and nothing detectable on Avo. After settling everyone down, the walk itself actually went pretty smoothly. I kept them on opposite sides so they could get used to each other's presences without it getting confrontational again. After the walk, I sat with Avo and Lou for a few minutes and gave them both some jerky while they lay near each other. Ruffers and Zoey kept completely out of the drama, but were happy to snack on some jerky as well.


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