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Friday Pack Activities (2/2/2024)

Adventure Pack

Nelly, Dylan, Yoshi and Lou were all in investigatory moods today. We made numerous stops where everybody sniffed around the same area together. There was one spot in particular where the four of them all lingered an especially long time, trying to sort out some olfactory mystery of great interest. The packs have been passing that same spot every day, so whatever was so intriguing must have taken place within the past 24 hours. You'll have to ask the dogs to find out the scoop; it just looked like a bunch of dead grass to me.

Variety Pack

Lumi, Carl and Ruffers headed to Bear Creek Greenway from Martin Park today. The field at the park is still littered with goose droppings, in which the dogs were all a little too interested. After hurrying the pack across the field to the path on the opposite side, I let them pause to sniff around more. They were all pretty adamant about pulling over to check out some spots, but nothing held their interest quite like the area of dead grass that the Adventure Pack encountered earlier in the day. The path marker boulder was the biggest draw, with Lumi adamantly pulling toward it as we approached, and Carl promptly lifting his leg to mark it. Ruffers was less single-mindedly focused, but took the opportunity to poke her nose around in the grass a bit.

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