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Friday Pack Activities (3/1/2024)

Adventure Pack

Nelly, Lou, Dylan and Yoshi headed out to Shanahan Ridge for their pack hike on this beautiful day. The snow is almost entirely melted away at this point, and the mud is dried up in all but a few shaded stretches of trail. Nelly drew the pack pretty far off trail, following her nose. Everyone was eager to sniff around together at various points along the way. Whenever we crossed paths with other dogs, Yoshi would start to pull and Lou would firmly plant herself in place. Though he pulled, Yoshi didn't bark or lunge; he kept his eagerness reasonably under check. Dylan and Nelly just followed where directed.

Variety Pack

Lumi, Ruffers, Buddy, Yoshi and Carl walked Bear Creek Greenway this afternoon, starting at Martin Park. The geese have moved on from the area and their droppings have dissolved into the soil, so I didn't have to watch our steps so closely and the dogs weren't tempted to indulge in the forbidden delicacies. We were going to pass by the mile marker boulder by the basketball courts, but Carl had no intention of skipping the stop. Carl led the way over to the boulders, and everybody happily partook in a thorough check of the area. Yoshi and Carl both left a couple scent marks. When we stopped again for a pack photo a little later, Buddy couldn't stand still and just kept sliding around with his shoulder down to the ground while the rest of the pack chilled. Buddy tested Lumi by flopping around directly in his face, and Lumi opted not to engage with his rambunctious packmate.


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