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Friday Pack Activities (3/17/2023)

Adventure Pack

Dylan, Blu and Griff hiked Enchanted Mesa and Kohler Mesa together today. Blu was pretty distracted by the smells along the edge of the trail again today, and kept stopping to investigate. Dylan kept up with Griff as Griff scouted ahead throughout the hike, occasionally pausing or circling back to let me and Blu catch up. At one point, as we were making our way back down toward Bluebell Road, Griff rounded a corner and then ran ahead, barking. Dylan was quick to run up behind Griff and offer a few support barks of his own. I called to them but they stood their ground, and I was worried that they were giving some other hikers a hard time. When Blu and I caught up, there were no other hikers in sight but Griff was still very much on edge as he scanned the area. I wonder whether the two of them scared off a bear that had wandered too close to the trail - I looked around for a minute but didn't see anything.

Variety Pack

Gidget, Ruffers, Rey and Lou enjoyed a walk around Wonderland Lake this afternoon. The sky was clear and sunny and the air was brisk but calm. There wasn't a lot of activity around the pond, but the pack received admiring comments from a couple of the people we did see. Everyone walked in place nicely for most of the time but there was a brief stretch where Rey was pulling off to the side. I tried letting her do her thing, but she stopped and just stood in the grass looking a bit aimless. This happened a few times through the one stretch of the walk. She has a habit of doing that from time to time, and I suspect she's trying to decide if she needs to go potty or not, as that is sometimes how it turns out. However, today she just stood around and then eventually went back to walking normally with the rest of the pack.


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