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Friday Pack Activities (3/22/2024)

Adventure Pack

Dylan lay in some snow along our hike today, but just lounged rather than rolling in it. He, Lou, Yoshi and Nelly were all happy to make a stop at the stream that is flowing with fresh snowmelt, where Dylan again lay down - best of both worlds! Everybody took a bit of a drink from the chilled water. Yoshi had gotten pretty worked up about the first dog we saw on the trail, but he minded his manners better by our last canine encounter of the hike. Nelly and Lou were calm, dutiful followers throughout the hike. Nelly hesitated a little at a couple points along the way, like she has sometimes been doing, but she was easily herded back to continue moving along.

Variety Pack

Carl, Buddy, Lumi and Ruffers walked Bear Creek Greenway from Martin Park this afternoon. Most of the snow has dried up along the path, but there were still patches here and there. Lumi made the most of it when we stopped at one of those patches, and Buddy joined in to dig at the snow beside him. Ruffers and Carl weren't interested, and just wanted to back away when their packmates started getting rowdy scattered snow around them.


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