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Friday Pack Activities (3/8/2024)

Adventure Pack

Lucy took her sister Nelly's place in the pack for the day, and she showed more restraint than usual when greeting Yoshi and Lou, with whom she is not as familiar. She also held back when Dylan hopped in the car, but her thumping tail and intense stare was still enough to earn a disapproving grumble from him. The Chautauqua was nearly empty, with a thin layer of fresh snow on the trails. At one point in the hike, Yoshi and Lucy started to hop around with each other. Lou poked around at the edges of their playful engagement, while Dylan got some distance and just stood aside to watch as I regained their attentions so we could continue along. Sometime later, Yoshi and Lucy gave each other a mischievous look. I swiftly planted a foot down in between them and leaned down to their level to make eye contact and address them before they tangled each other up again with another round of jumping and wrestling, which was effective in nipping their schemes in the bud before they got carried away.

Variety Pack

Jonathan, Yoshi, Beard, Mrs. Miggins, Ruffers, Lumi, Carl and Roger Roger headed to Goose Creek Greenway from Valmont Park this afternoon, again with a hand from Jen. It was the same group as yesterday, save for the substitution of Ruffers for Arlo, yet the pack was notably more mellow today. Given the snow, there were fewer prairie dogs out - but a couple still chirped at us from atop their dens. Yoshi and Lumi had a fleeting moment of making shifty moves, but we kept walking and they stayed on pace with everyone. Carl was especially interested in the grass today - both sniffing around in it and nibbling on it. Beard wanted to pull ahead and off into the grass when he walked on the right. Shifting him over to the left seemed to disorient him a bit, and he actually started to follow behind instead. Ruffers, Roger Roger, Mrs. Miggins and Jonathan all trotted nicely in place, and were happy to sniff around at the stops we made along the way.


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