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Friday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Dylan was quick to take advantage of the snow this morning. He dropped down for a roll in it as we passed through the grassy field by the Chautauqua parking, before we even reached the trail head. He made several other stops throughout the hike to roll in the snow, as well. Sputnik preferred nibbling on snow rather than rolling in it. Sputnik was very happy to say hello to our old hiking friend whom we used to see with his Golden Retriever, but now volunteers as an OSMP trail greeter. Dylan hasn't know him for as many years as Sputnik, but was still happy to greet a friend.

Variety Pack

Carl is back from boot camp and was showing off his improved walking skills today. He walked right in place next to his big sister Zoey the whole time, while Ruffers, Mamacita, and Lou rounded out the other side. Taking a photo of the pack was much easier with Carl sitting patiently in place while I stepped back and framed up the shot. Of course, Lou just wanted to come climb into my lap every time, so I still had a narrow window to pull it off.


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