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Friday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

After sitting out earlier in the week, Griff joined the pack today with a healed toenail. He, Sputnik, and Dylan were all moving a little more slowly in today's warm, sunny weather. Everybody took some water from the CamelBak, but Sputnik had a lot more than the others. When we paused for a minute on the way back down the mountain, Dylan took the opportunity to lie down in a shallow, muddy stream of snow melt that was running along the side of the trail.

Variety Pack

Carl, Ruffers, Lou, and Zoey headed to the Boulder Creek Path for our walk this afternoon. The Creek was busy with sunbathers, as well as a few swimmers and kayaks. Zoey was very intrigued by any action happening in the water. Ruffers and Carl were drawn to the other dogs we passed on the path. Lou followed my lead without distraction, except when we made stops so the pack could sniff around for a bit.


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