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Friday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Dylan, Sputnik, and Curie took their time along the Baseline Trail this morning. The panting was already heavy, so we made a pit stop at the Gregory Canyon Stream before turning back to the Bluebell-Baird Trail to head up the mountain at the front of the Chautauqua. Dylan actually didn't lead for the whole time today. He followed a couple paces behind me for part of our ascent. He and Curie dodged the stream of water from the CamelBak at first, but I eventually got them both to drink a bit during a couple stops along the way.

Variety Pack

Carl was a bit less attentive today, as the pack walked around Wonderland Lake. He wanted to get ahead or veer off to sniff at many points along the way, and pulled more when we passed by other dogs. Meanwhile, Zoey, Ruffers, and Lou all walked in pretty consistent formation. It was a nice afternoon to be out - warm and sunny but not too hot. Everyone was happy and, aside from Carl, quite relaxed.

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