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Friday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Griff wandered around the banks of the stream at Gregory Canyon, poking around in the grass and bushes there. Riley entertained herself by chomping at the water cascading over some boulders. Dylan got as much of his body wet as he could. Sputnik stuck to the shallows, and minded his footing very carefully when crossing. Three different hikers stopped to ask me for directions today, so it seems a lot of people were out exploring the Chautauqua for the first time.

Variety Pack

Mamacita rolled around in the grass at Martin Park while Carl lay down next to her and chewed on a twig. Lou also took a load off, while Zoey and Ruffers sat around and waited for me to dole out some treats. We had a nice, quiet walk along the Bear Creek Path. Carl did a better job of staying on pace and not pulling ahead, after I adjusted his collar to sit a little more snugly, higher up on his neck. The whole pack stayed in pretty tight formation, aside from the handful of times Mamacita wanted to pull off into the grass for a break. One kid riding in a bike trailer commented, "Wow!" as he went by and saw the pack; I heard his dad respond, "Yeah!" as they rolled away.

Meanwhile, Gidget and Blu enjoyed their own neighborhood walk to Wonderland Lake with Jen. Blu got very excited at the sight of a prairie dog, but otherwise did a good job of walking with Jen. Gidget stayed right on pace at her side the whole time, even when her brother lost it over the prairie dog. Wonderland Lake was strangely deserted this afternoon, as they only passed one other person out for a walk.


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