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Friday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

With the slightly cooler weather and the overcast skies, the pack made it a bit further up the mountain today than the rest of the week. Still, we took a moderate pace and lingered at the water when we passed it. Dylan lay in the stream in three different positions to get well-soaked before our ascent. He and Sputnik sometimes led the way together, and other times fell behind to sniff around a bit and catch their breaths. Lizzo did a fine job keeping up with the others on her first mountain hike with the pack. She and Riley hiked along side-by-side. They both got a bit overexcited when we passed other dogs on the trail, so I brought them over to the side to let others pass. Dylan was our friendly pack greeter. Sputnik has continued his trend of becoming less and less reactive, but I had him come off to the side with the others, since he is still liable to change his attitude.

Variety Pack

Lou, Zoey, Blu, Gidget, and Carl all enjoyed an afternoon walk to Wonderland Lake together. The cloud cover from the morning was starting to break up, but it still kept some of the sun off us for most of the time. We took a different route than usual, so Zoey scouted out some alternative stops along the way. The others were happy to pull over with her, sniff around, and take a break in the shade of nearby trees. During one of our longer pit stops, Gidget and Carl lay down in parallel with each other - Gidget nibbling on a pine cone, Carl chewing on a twig. Meanwhile, Lou and Blu were catching their breaths, and Zoey was staring out to the path ahead.


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