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Friday Pack Activities (4/28/2023)

Adventure Pack

Dylan and Yoshi perused the grass along the same stretch of trail that has been tempting the pack all week, and nibbled a bit here and there. A lot of other dogs were out at the Chautauqua today, and Yoshi was very interested in all of them, no matter how far away they were. Meanwhile, Dylan modeled calm, collected and polite energy as dogs passed by us. Yoshi might have been too distracted to have taken any notes, but he'll get there eventually.

Variety Pack

Lou and Yoshi had a lot of fun playing and wrestling around before our walk. Yoshi teased Lou with a squeak toy and then the two of them rolled around with each other until they were both panting and needed a water break. On our walk to Wonderland Lake, Yoshi did a pretty good job of sticking by my side along with Lou when there weren't any distractions. When there were other dogs around (or rabbits, or robins) it was a different story, but it gave us an opportunity to practice. Lou also provided a wonderful example to her new favorite playmate, like Dylan did in the morning.


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