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Friday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Dylan lingered at the fork again today, but once it was clear that we were going to the top, he caught up and then passed the rest of us, to lead the rest of the way up. I heard some kids on the red rocks start to sing, "Who let the dogs out? Who! Who! Who!" as we approached the top of the mountain. Sputnik, Riley, and Dylan all happily sat with me in a nook on the shaded side of the rocks for a little bit before heading back down. We only did one loop up, since the heat was feeling pretty brutal. We spent the remainder of our time on an easy stroll along the Boulder Creek Path.

Variety Pack

With cloudy skies rolling in, I decided to mix things up a bit from our summertime Boulder Creek routine. I took Lou, Ruffers, Carl, and Riley to the Bear Creek Greenway instead. It turned out that even though the skies were cloudy all over, the one spot under the sun was cloud-free for about the first half of the walk, so our only respite was shaded patches under trees along the way. Thankfully, the clouds eventually blocked the sun's rays, and a breeze kicked up that helped to cool off the pack.

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