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Friday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Dylan and Avo both lay in the Farmers Ditch on our way up the Red Rocks Trail at Settler's Park, while Rey and Sputnik just waded around a bit. Dylan was last to exit the water, once all his packmates had returned to the bank with me. Sputnik and Dylan enjoyed the hike off-leash. They both followed a short distance behind me most of the time, but caught up and led the way for some short stretches as well. The pack was approached by a calm and curious dog at Eben G. Fine Park, after we came down from the mountain. Dylan, Rey, and Avo all greeted the dog calmly, while Sputnik stood at my other side with a loose leash. He was comfortable hanging out there and not trying to say hello, and the other dog was satisfied with sniffing the other three before moving on.

Variety Pack

Rey and Avo were tuckered out from their morning hike, and both took opportunities to lay in shaded patches of grass at various points along our walk on the Bear Creek Greenway. Zoey did not insist on making as many stops as usual today, so Avo and Rey only got a few opportunities to chill out. Carl and Ruffers had a bit more energy, but not enough to try to start up any play sessions during our rest stops. We had a pretty mellow walk, all around.

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